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fumetsu_no's Journal

Fumetsu No
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1. Both J-rock and J-pop are accepted in this community. Keep in mind though, I want to keep anime mp3s limited as much as possible.
2. When you do upload something please state if it's either jrock or jpop. Everyone is not knowledgeable about every single group/artist that you post about.
3. Please don't request for that much. We don't like greedy people. Max you can request is 4 mp3s and 1 pv.
4. Don't use multiple user accounts so you can request for more things. All that will result in is getting banned from here. We don't want that to happen, now do we?
5. Please be nice to the other children.

[x] J Music Whores

[x] Jcrack

[x] Jpop Mp3s

[x] Jrock Leftovers

[x] Audio Hysteria

[x] Jrock Uploads