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First Post

As you can tell, this is the first post of this community. w00t w00t!! Anyways ...

Will work on Layout and Rules ... cause this layout sucks. Major!

Alright ...

The first mp3s are of The Back Horn *hears complaints and people start throwing crap* Hey, Hey, Hey!!! I know I've posted The Back Horn a million times, but apparently some people are still requesting them. So, live with it.

The Back Horn - Ame
The Back Horn - Ayashiki Kumo Yuki
The Back Horn - Class
The Back Horn - Cobalt Blue
The Back Horn - Mr. World Bluesky
The Back Horn - Pink Soda
The Back Horn - Requiem
The Back Horn - Sora, Hoshi, Umi no Yoru
The Back Horn - Wakusei Melancholy
The Back Horn - Yume no Hana

I will post more some time later.


[[ P.S. - All posts after this are going to be friends only so that members will be getting the downloads. Also, another thing, please comment if you download. Thanks! ]]
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THANK YOU!!!! *goes to join community*